Street Performer & Actor for Fear Factory SLC 

Halloween in Summer
Magna UT 2019

"Do you Dare Beware?"

Are you brave enough to enter Fear Factory's six buildings, six stories & six senses of Horror,Terror & Woe?

Please Do come in. Fear begins Here


"the Poison King"

My kingdom had fallen. My people had turned against me. I had to feign my death & make my escape by sea. Carrying all the gold, poisons & ointments I could.

  After 7 days of silence, I was led & shipwrecked on Siren Island. I fell in love and died that day.



Whisked away from our embrace and fashioned to the Reaper's hand. I am under command to forewarn those whose cruelty has gone to far. If they do not comply...then  die.


Would you like to take part?

Find a day & come on in for an audition


Performing Live

 Are you interested in seeing more of the Poison King?  Find me at Fear Factory, a local venue or busking on the streets.  

 Need entertainment for your next event?

 Contact via email;


Halloween in Summer 2o19